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Richard J. Scalpel and Associates

Was formed in 1999 to bring the finest cosmetic surgery techiques to the public at a reasonable price. With a combined 30 years of experience in the field, our team consists of:

Richard J. Scalpel, M.D.

A 1972 recipient of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Dr. Scalpel pioneered the spinal cord transplant technique which revolutionized the treatment of spinal cord injuries. Long recognized as a pioneer in his field, Dr. Scalpel has collected the finest talent around and, for the first time, is now offering his services to the public.

Marlene Rehab, M.D.

Dr. Rehab studied Medicine at Oxford University and the Sorbonne before taking a staff position at East Miami Beach General Hospital. She was the driving force behind the acceptance of the head transplant as a viable alternative to psychotherapy.

Oscar Bronchitis, M.D.

Known throughout the Caribbean for his treatment of leprosy, Dr. Bronchitis moved to East Miami Beach in 1986 to take over the Cardiac Care Center at East Miami Beach General Hospital. His efforts on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Opie earned him worldwide recognition.